Have you ever felt that you’d love to have someone to chase your outstanding accounts because you don’t have the time to do it?

Or do you just hate ringing customers and asking them for money?

We take on your Credit Control function in a courteous and friendly manner. We act as your Credit Controller and you can rest assured that we will safeguard the relationships you have built up over the years with your customers.

We will work through your Debtors List in an efficient and friendly way and we keep you informed of progress on a regular basis. When we come across  queries on invoices, the details are passed back to you immediately for you to resolve.

At all times, we represent ourselves as your Credit Control section – NOT as a Third Party you have engaged to collect your accounts. Indeed, some of our clients set us up with e-mail addresses so that the mails come from them and not from Credit Control Confidential.

The big advantage for Sole Traders and SMEs of Outsourced Credit Control is that it frees you up to do what you do best – whatever your business is.

Our Services can be adapted to suit you and your needs so why don’t you contact us for a no-obligation friendly chat.

Call us on +00353 86 3589842 or drop us an e-mail to brendan@creditcontrolconfidential.com