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A Sale is not a Sale until the Money is in YOUR Bank Account. If you need help getting paid on time, then you’ve come to the right place.

Credit Control Confidential offer a range of services that will help you to get paid promptly and efficiently. If you don’t like chasing money or don’t have the time to do so, let us take the STRESS out of it for you.

Do any of the following statements apply to you?

  • “My customers are very slow to pay me”
  • “I can’t get paid on time”
  • “I hate asking for money”
  • “I haven’t time to chase money”

if so then call Brendan. We will make a great difference to you and your business.



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Outsourced Credit Control

We will chase your money for you so that you can focus on making money in your business.

Your Peace of Mind

We are used to asking people for money – in a nice way. We do not find it stressful.

It is Your Money

Your are not a bank.  It is not a gift.  You earned it – we can collect your money for you.

You Can Rely on Us

We have over 30 years experience in the business.  We get results.

Credit Control Services

Do you hate following up with your creditors for money that is owed to you?

Is your time better spent making money than chasing it?

That is where Credit Control Confidential can make a big difference to your business.

We take on your Credit Control function in a courteous and friendly manner. We act as your Credit Controller and you can rest assured that we will safeguard the relationships you have built up over the years with your customers.

Quite often creditors have the money to pay you but simply need to be prompted a few times.

Again, that is where we step in and take that burden from you.

You wish to keep a strong relationship with your customers.

A call from a third party Credit Control Company is very effective in providing the incentive for slow payers to pay what is owed to you.

We are polite, courteous and professional.  You will be paid and your relationships will be safeguarded.

Small businesses can only survive if there are good Credit Control practises in place. This function often does not get the recognition it deserves.

It may be part of someone’s job (and in small businesses, this is perfectly understandable) but, whoever is responsible for Credit Control, it makes sense that they are properly trained.

Credit Control Confidential have great experience in training your staff members to go about Credit Control in the right way. We focus on preventative measures to help you avoid bad debts where possible.

An up to date Credit Report is one way to avoid leaving your business open to unnecessary risk of Bad Debts.

Credit Control Confidential have helped many businesses to avoid doing business with potential customers with a poor credit rating. If you have concerns about an existing or potential customers then let us help you avoid the pain of taking on a Bad Debt when it could have been avoided with one simple phone call to us.

As well as Effective Credit Control, we also offer a Book Keeping Administration Service.

With experience using Sage, QuickBooks, TAS etc, we can keep your system updated with latest financial details and transactions.

Credit Control Process

How I can help you

What difference would Getting Paid On Time and in full make to YOUR business?

Cash Flow, as you know, is the life-blood of a business and, in order to maintain a positive Cash Flow, it is vital that you are paid for your Goods and/or Services on time. An effective Credit Control policy is an essential component of any Business Strategy.

You may have a small business that you have built up from very humble beginnings to a point where you are recognised as an expert in your particular field. You have many good clients who are buying from you on a regular basis but, like everybody else, you probably can’t charge the same prices now that you did two or three years ago. So, it is vital that all your customers pay you on time. If you are experiencing difficulty in getting paid on time,
Credit Control Confidential can help you in the following ways :

  • Help you set up an effective Credit Control Procedure
  • Train a member of your staff in Effective Credit Control
  • Take on your Credit Control function on a Contract basis
  • Provide detailed Credit Reports on new and potential customers

So, if you think we can be of any help to you in any of these areas, you can contact


Credit Control Confidential has worked with Infrastruct Asset Management Services for almost three years now and during that time has greatly contributed to the financial management of our Company.  Credit Control Confidential brings a high level of professionalism, understanding of my Company’s needs and a dedication to getting the finances and credit control right. I would have no hesitation in recommending Credit Control Confidential to any Company in the future”.

Dr. Thomas Callanan


Dr. Thomas Callanan. Infrastruct Asset Management Services Ltd

We have outsourced our Credit Control function to Credit Control Confidential since 2014.

Brendan works seamlessly alongside our accounts department complementing and enhancing the vital role of credit control. His approach is friendly, discreet and persuasive but, at all times, he is very conscious of maintaining the rapport we have built up over the years with our clients.

Where there are queries on accounts he brings them to our attention immediately increasing our ability to deal with them in a timely fashion. His years of experience have proved vital in dealing with sensitive debt collection issues and his solutions have been critical in keeping the relationship healthy with our clients

We are very happy with the service provided by Credit Control Confidential and would have no hesitation in recommending them to any small business that needs additional support with their Credit Control.

David Walsh

Managing Director


David Walsh, Betaplace Ltd. t/a TeamProject
Betaplace Ltd. t/a TeamProject

We used to manage our credit control ourselves but we found the process time consuming and we also felt it distracted staff from their core job.  Credit Control Confidential were recommended to us so we decided to outsource this function.

Brendan works from the list of debtors that we send him and pursues those clients with outstanding accounts. The relationship that we have with our clients is very important to us and the discreet and courteous manner in which he works helps us to keep that relationship. At the same time, he is persistent and consistent in his work pursuing the accounts.

We would be very happy to recommend Credit Control Confidential to any small business that needs help in this area.

Alison McGinley, Only Audit limited.

Alison McGinley, Only Audit Limited
Only Audit Limited

I outsourced part of my Credit Control function to Brendan O’Reilly, Credit Control Confidential, a couple of years ago, and am very happy with the service I am getting.

Asking for payment of your own fees can be a delicate task in our business, but Brendan firstly is in no way afraid to ask a client to pay up and secondly Brendan has helped me in adopting a stronger attitude in that I am no longer afraid to ask a client to pay me.

Brendan is extremely professional, discreet and very helpful. Clients are not at all put out by his calls/emails because of his approach. He is persistent in a manner that is not intrusive on the client, and he provides me with regular updates in a timely manner.

If there is an issue with an invoice, Brendan deals with it proficiently and assists in the resolution of the matter.

I would highly recommend Brendan O’Reilly, Credit Control Confidential to anyone with credit control needs. They will gain an excellent service, and peace of mind.

Thank you Brendan for your great service.

Anne Cunningham AITI FCPA
TaxAssist Accountants

Brendan is a highly accomplished buyer and financial guru in a number of fields.He has purchased off me on a number of occasions and it was pleasurable dealing with him and I found him very detailed and highly intuitive when it came to protecting his employers budget outlay and gaining a mutually beneficial deal.I recommend him without hesitition.

Michael Weir
Key Accounts Manager, Creditsafe Ireland